Tuesday 14 July 2009

Just Some Stuff.

I have done some sewing, but to be honest not worth taking a photo of! So I've gathered together a collection of other images to show and tell about.
First up is my beautiful, gorgeous, yummy, scrummy collection of fat quarters. What you see here is the entire collection of Patisserie fabrics by Fig Tree Quilts. I've been waiting for this to arrive from the Fat Quarter Shop. Now it's here I'm itching to start up another long term project! LOL
But at the same time, I'm also reluctant to start cutting into these beautiful fabrics, so maybe I'll drool over them and fondle and stroke them a little more first. I have to say this picture does them no justice, they really do look good enough to eat when you see them for real.
Second up, now that she has received her gifts I can show you some of the items I bought for Kays 21st birthday. You may remember I mentioned that I had prepared 21 gifts. There were all manner of things from pens and pencils to jewellery, to lollipops!
I knew she would adore this pendant the moment I saw it. I was hoping to find matching earrings, but couldn't see any.

I tucked nineteen of her gifts into gift number twenty. Those pretty roses and blue totes I made last week were for a mother and daughter thing.
Last but not least, a closer look at the French Roses quilt, it's had it's inaugural wash and dried on the airer rather than in the tumbly, but you can see the shabbiness getting started.
This was gift number twenty one! Kay had ooed and awed over it several times so I just couldn't help but gift it to her.
I was really pleased with myself when I managed the pretty quilting rather than some plain old simple stuff in the borders and I'm pleased to say that Kay loves it too and loves the idea of it getting shabbier as time goes on.
Elaine has received her bags and both she and her grand daughter were thrilled with their collections. So were Elaine's daughters, neighbours and friends.......... Elaine said that she had explained to them that I'm all bagged out at the moment or she thought I might have several orders for more! Thanks Elaine! Yep, I'm all bagged out for now, but will make more some time I'm sure.
It's been a long day with an early start at work then I had to go back in this evening for a meeting. The birthday girl had to cook her own dinner. I'll take her out for lunch tomorrow. Right now we're sipping her bubbly! (She received two bottles.) So neither of us will be doing much sewing this evening. I have a day off tomorrow so I hope to get something achieved to show off.
1) Kay loves her pressies.
2) Elaine loves her bags.
3) I love Hunney.


Janice said...

Love that fabric. What a lovely collection of gifts for Kay. Wish her a very happy birthday.

Cardygirl said...

Love the patisserie...glad Kay loved her presents, they were all very thoughtful & beautiful too!

Lurline said...

Happy Birthday, Kay! You must show us the whole quilt, Lou - looks just gorgeous!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Allie said...

Oh it's hard to cut into fabrics like that, isn't it? You just take them out and pet them once in awhile.
What lovely gifts for your daughter!!! That quilt is fabulous! Happy Birthday Kay!

Joanna from Fresh Figs said...

Can't wait to see what you decide to do with that yummy pile!


AnnieO said...

Awww, what a sweet thing to do, Mum! She's a very lucky girl, getting all those fun things to open and TWO beautiful handmade gifts on top of that!

The new fabric is a gorgeous line, I have drooled over them too!

Glad to hear your friends loved their gifts. Using your sewing talents and getting all these compliments, is it gonna go straight to your head like the bubbly? LOL

Jane said...

What a lovely way to give her her pressies. Enjoy your lunch together

Andrea said...

Oh wow - what a delicious pile of fabrics. Give us a clue as to what you're going to do.......

black bear cabin said...

what lovely gifts and a fun afternoon! cant wait to see what you make out of that yummie fabric you got! :)