Sunday, 26 July 2009

Old photos.

And a trip along memory lane.
We were summonsed to Mothers last night, she wanted Hunney to fix something on her computer and a loan of one of my boys to help out in her yard. I took along DS Jonny as Joe is away. Here he is digging up potatoes, Mum grows them in tubs. Her yard is only small, but it sure is packed.
As well as potatoes there is some other veg too, I got told off for pinching her peas! Nothing new there. I didn't get a proper look into that little green house, but I could see that it is packed with tomato vines.
I also took a wander around the house, she had been decorating and many things were out of place, as well as one or two new things appearing. Look, pictures of me, holding my sister Kirsty! I would have been seven in this first one,
And eight in the second. There were a lot more. Well, four of us girls and a big bruv makes for a lot of school photos. Oh yes, then we started making babies of our own!
Yes, I always had wild curly red hair!
As well as memories of school and my childhood I came across lots of things I recognised as having purchased or made for mum. This little crab is the top of a loo roll holder I made many years ago, it's cross stitched and fits perfectly in her beach themed bathroom.
This doll is NOT one of my creations, a friend of Mums made this, ohh! I dunno, lots of years ago, at least thirty. The dolls name is Josephine.
A very grand lady indeed. Her dress was made from the off cuts of curtains mum had made for our then dining room.
This next piece is mine. It was a practice attempt at glass painting, using the Donna Dewberry method. (Links to you Tube)
I wasn't very good at it, and really didn't do many pieces.
Below you see a fan which I made when I went through a phase of quilling, I really enjoyed that, and still have a little go now and then. I gave it to mum just on the backing board, she has had it framed,
it looks much better in real life and it's good to see it under glass rather than gathering dust.
Another blast from the past, my baby sister Nerine started to cross stitch this Ginger jar for mum about 10 - 15 years ago, she got quite a bit of it done, then for some reason stopped, eventually the piece came to me and I finished it off.
I lost my way when back stitching the outline of the jar, but Mum loves it anyway.
I saw loads of other things which I recognised, some made or given by me, some by my sisters and brother. I think because she had decorated and things had moved I saw them with fresh eyes.
The computer caused Hunney a few problems and he gave up! We're going back to mums today to hopefully get it sorted.
1) A trip down memory lane.
2) I slept in this morning.
3) Hot sweet tea.


Janice said...

It is lovely to see that your Mum treasures and surrounds herself with all the gifts from her family.

Gari in AL said...

How nice that your mum sees her family all around her, all of the time. And by moving things, she, too, sees things with a new eye.

Allie said...

What treasures! Love that fan and the crab is darling. You know, I always wanted curly red hair - I'm so jealous!!!!

AnnieO said...

My mom and dad's whole back hallway is filled with family pictures. I have 3 brothers and one sister, and now M&D have 16 grandchildren so there are lots of school photos of them, too! How great that all your handmade things are displayed. Does your soul good, doesn't it!

em's scrapbag said...

Love the pictures of you and your sister. Very sweet.

Karen said...

Cute photos and I love the Ginger Jar!

Gina E. said...

It made me just melt inside to read about your Mum having all your early craft projects on display around her home. I find so many stitched pictures and objects in thrift shops, that must have been made with love for someone, but eventually tossed out because they no longer suit the decor, or whatever.

sewkalico said...

Gorgeous photos!