Saturday, 11 July 2009

Two tops done!

I did it, I set off cutting at about 8.15 yesterday morning and by 9.45 I had the first top done! Look, see the clock?
I took a break then, had my shower and tootled into town to grab something for lunch and pay a visit to the charity shop next door where I grabbed a chenille throw to back these with, I also spied a cotton waffle blanket and snapped that up too.
When I got home again I cut and pieced the second top. I had to add a couple of extra bits of fabric to that one as I discovered that some of my 'fat quarters' were in fact 'skinny quarters'. Never mind, they are only to throw on the sofas.
By 1.30 pm I had both tops finished, and layered with waffle blanket and chenille throw. Here they are all pinned and ready to be quilted! Now all I have to do is figure out how to quilt them.
Having just spent a small fortune paying for flights to Birmingham for the Festival of Quilts and also saving like mad for a last few $NZ for our trip there in October I was pleased as punch to be able to make both tops from my stash with the addition of only £5 for the items from the charity shop. Hunney was amazed that I had done them so fast and even more so to find that I could and would finish them in such a way. I don't think he had quite realised what I was planning to do.
1) Quick finishes.
2) Recycling.
3) 105 days.


Jane said...

You did a fantastic job to get them both done and they look great.

Cardygirl said...

Well are on fire!

Libby said...

That's what makes quilting so great - something so useful from things others would never consider. Great job!