Thursday, 16 July 2009

Turning Nines and trips away.

There is really nothing special about these two quilts. Very basic quilts made from what was available and what I could recycle. They really only had the minimum of planning and attention.
This first one has a pretty scrappy look as I used odds and ends of fabric which I had in stash, not all of the fabrics were fat quarters so there are one or two extra odd pieces.
This second one was at least made mostly from a fat quarter collection with the addition of a single odd piece, though that odd piece does fit in perfectly.

They were both layered with an old blanket and a chenille back. There is no fancy quilting, just a very basic stitch near the ditch affair which serves only to keep the layers together rather than compliment the pattern. These quilts were made to be used and abused.
Many of you have asked for hints and clues about what it is I want to do with my beautiful collection of' patisserie' fabrics, including Joanna from Fresh Figs! I have already mentioned it to one or two people so no harm in telling more. Some time ago Claire sent me a copy of Australian Patchwork and Quilting, it had part one of a beautiful quilt called Peaches and Cream in it. Well I fell in love with peaches and cream and had to have part two, which I eventually found. I harboured the dream of doing it from stash and despaired at ever having enough of the right colours, then I saw Patisserie and knew it would be just perfect. I kept telling myself that I couldn't afford to get all of the required fabrics all in one go, but didn't want to buy it in dibs and drabs. I happened to mention to Tony that it would make a nice birthday prezzie this year if he was stuck for ideas, well he wasn't!! In fact he was planning around an earlier hint! He asked me what was required, did some quick mental arithmetic and told me to "Go for it Sweetie, just buy it". See why I call him Hunney? So I went for it! And now it's all here and I'm itching to make a start. I want to get one or two other things out of the way first. Soon I promise.
My birthday? Not until next month. We are having a day trip to Birmingham to visit the Festival of Quilts, I'm sure I mentioned it already. Who else is going by the way? Will anyone be there on the Friday? Want to meet up? I would have loved to be able to have two days there, but it costs an arm and a leg to get off this island, the flights just were not convenient and the added expense of a hotel etc so soon before our trip to NZ (and so soon after splashing out on lots of lovely fabric), just meant it wasn't possible this year. Hunney has already promised me that we can budget for a quilt trip next year and that I will have more time to look around. To be honest having never been to anything like this before, it will make a very memorable and special 40th birthday gift.
Speaking of trips and holidays. Provided that Swine Flu doesn't close the world down, Hunney and I will be off to New Zealand in 100 days and we'll be getting married while we are there! I know I told one or two of you already, but we finally decided to go public. We have our rings and have begun to make arrangements. Nothing huge and flash, just a quiet simple affair with a few family members and a BBQ later. I'm delighted and couldn't be happier. Hunney is fit to burst and tells everyone he meets.
Still on trips away from the island, yesterday was my training day and once again I was up and gone before the lark, not getting home until after 9pm. I do find these days very interesting and inspiring though, the course facilitator Susan is a wonderful coach and knows her subject well. Once again she has given us a tree each to read and absorb as well as some homework. In spite of my worries last months homework took only a couple of hours and I'm certain that this months will take only a little longer. As I have already completed what I planned to do today that means it's time to play, I'm off to find a needle.
1) My Sweet Hunney.
2) Not so challenging homework
3) Still drooling over that 'Patisserie'.


Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

have a look at Rosalie Quinlin's blog, you are turning 30 + ten, NOT 40! anyway, that is not quite as old as forty ten +1. When you get out the shower in the morning, and you look in the mirror, you think... hmmmm not quite where it used to be SO - you move the mirror!

Janice said...

Your Patisserie project sounds like a lot of fun.

You're going to be doing some miles by air over the next few months. The wedding plans seem to be progressing well.

Julz said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding, what a better way to create a special memory of your visit to NZ than by getting married :) those 100 days will zoom by. Hugs Jx

Ann J said...

Congratulations Lou ! What a lot of lovely times you've got lined up in the next couple of months! I am sure you'll have a great day at the
NEC !! ......AJ

Jane said...

What a fantastic holiday it will be, I am so pleased for you both.

sewkalico said...

Wonderful news on your NZ celebrations! Hope it all goes as planned!

quiltmom anna said...

It sounds like you have lots of exciting things planned for the near future- Your new quilt will be beautiful and so, I am sure, will your wedding wonderful. I hope that you have a fabulous time in Birmingham. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.
Warmest regards,

Allie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Oh what a trip to remember. I wish you both the best!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations, Lou! What wonderful news!!
Jeanne :)

Tazzie said...

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, what wonderful news. Those 100 days will go by in a flash. Happy quilting with your new fabrics, they're just gorgeous.

AnnieO said...

Well, that was a news-packed post, ending with such a happy reveal! Congratulations on your wedding plans to your Hunney!

Lynda said...

How lovely to be looking forward to a wedding in NZ! Congratulations!