Thursday 2 July 2009

New goodies

I had time to kill while waiting for Hunney to collect me from work today.
A whole hour!
As I was working in Onchan at the office, that put me in close proximity to the local stitchy / crafty shop.
Whats a girl to do?
I went for a mooch, a colleague of mine recently asked me to make her a baggie, she supplied these beautiful curtain samples and asked me to go with the flow.

I knew I would have to shop online for bag handles and other hardware, but went to have a look locally anyway.
I found treasure!
I purchased a few goodies for me and a few for Elaine's bags.
I also found some fabrics, the rose fabric was on the end of bolt pile, the bears I bought for Elaine, (she's a card maker) and the final two were in the off cuts bin. All were Cheap, cheap, cheap! That will do me.
I've already been online and purchased some bag handles and one or two other goodies for Elaine's bags, she only asked for one, but I'll get at least three out of the fabric she gave me. Plus I figure it's only fair, I asked her to make me a selection of cards which she did, but wouldn't take payment. Twenty one assorted handmade cards, that's worth a small fortune. If I can't pay, then I'll trade. I also have plans for some very girly fabric, Elaine has a grand daughter, even little girls like bags. Hehehe. All the little extras I'll have fun adding to the bags should go some way toward paying for her kindness in making up all those cards.
1) No unwanted guest yet.
2) It was cooler this morning.
3) New goodies.


em's scrapbag said...

Good use of an hour I'd say.

sewkalico said...

Agree with above comment LOL. You did very well!

Jane said...

You've done well today. Looks like she will get some lovely bags with that fabric

Janice said...

It sounds like an excellent exchange of cards for bags. The ladies at Joan's must love to see you.