Saturday, 4 July 2009

More Goodies have arrived.

The fabrics I ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop were split into three packages. I assume the postal service prefers them smaller. So, no sign of the main event yet, but when I got back from a quick scoot up town on Thursday I found a beautiful Charming Jelly Cake sat waiting for me.
Oh - Cherry - Oh was on the sale page and just begging to be bought. I've used the charms up already! Have a look see.
One Grand daughter sized bag......
And one Grandma sized bag.....
They are both lined with pretty pink fabric and I used up more of the charms to make pockets inside. The larger of the two still needs some handles, but that's OK as yesterday, just before I went to work I discovered yet more goodies on my door step. All the hardware and other goodies I ordered for bag making have arrived and my Dream Green batting is here too, so I'm going to be a busy girl.
Before I can get too carried away on my sewing machine, I really must do some homework, it's only two weeks until my next trip away and all I've done is read the tree I was sent home with! I wish there was some way I could carry this stuff electronically, but the course facilitator insists on paper! So I have a couple of essays to write. No chance today, it's Saturday and DS Joe had his mate Joe staying over last night and probably tonight too if I know that pair. Maybe I'll get to the books on Monday.
It's DD Kay's 21st Birthday next Sunday and I have a fab idea for gifts, no Kay, I'm not going to let slip here, I'm not that daft!! You'll just have to wait and see.
I finally have a weekend off where I'm not on call and Hunney has a weekend with no work commitments either, great huh? NO! He has arranged to go and be Doctor Tony to a sick computer and to build a new computer and get it all ready to go. So, no lovely day off together! I'll see him about quarter past dinner time then. Sigh.
1) Hunney is making me a cup of tea.
2) Hunney bought me beautiful flowers.
3) Little boys chatting until 2am!


Jane said...

Don't you just love sleepovers! The bags are delightful. I am sure Kay will have something lovely next week, knowing her creative mother

AnnieO said...

Sleepovers are something my husband never understood--he actually thought that sleeping was supposed to happen when the lights were turned out! Silly man.

Love what you did with your charm squares. That is a very cheerful and cute set of bags that are sure to be treasured!

quiltmom anna said...

Pretty fabrics and pretty jelly roll- it looks like fun- The bags are too cute - they are sure to be a hit.
I hope all is well with you and yours.
Have fun with the new fabrics.

Cardygirl said...

Oh cherry oh is so fesh...sounds like a busy time at your place!

Janice said...

How cheerful is that fabric. I can't wait to see what else you make with it.