Sunday, 26 July 2009

What's it got in it's pocketses?

It's my baby sisters birthday in just a couple of days. I bought her a pretty necklace and decided it had to go into a bag. I delved into my drawer and pulled out some fabric, as you can guess with me, I ended up making more than one bag.
DD Kay modelled for me. This wanna be deck chair is actually for her, she wanted a new bag with longer straps so it would go on her shoulder.
She also wanted pocketses, there is nothing in the pocketses, but it does have pocketses inside, three of them.
That should keep her keys, purse and cell phone handy.
Bag number two is a third Rose bag, if you remember Kay and I have matching shopping totes, well, now my mum can join in, three generations with matching bags. That's it, I don't have enough of the rose fabric left to make any more, well, maybe a tiny gift bag, but no more totes.
Mum, like my DD loves my shopping totes and has two or three already. She is also a firm believer in re using and recycling, though the fabric used in these is all new.
Last but not least, the bag that started today's rush of creativity......
Another shopping tote for my baby sister. This one is made from up cycled fabrics. LOL can you guess what the design is?
It played very nicely and I managed to centre it well, I'm rather pleased with myself for that.
Thank you Kay for modelling for me.
1) Free Models.
2) Three quick finishes.
3) DS Jonny is home for a few days.


Jane said...

We all knew you had more bags in you, lol. A very pretty collection

Allie said...

Had to laugh at your post title - my favorite book ever! Love the bags, all of them, especially though the last. SO PRETTY!!!!!

Lynda said...

Busy, busy, busy! And such lovely results!