Friday 24 July 2009

One Vine Done.

I have one of my shortened vines completed. I want to make another like this then it's time to start cutting and sewing some 2.5 inch squares.
DD is a little slower on her vine. We decided on matching mini quilts. I suspect we cut enough leaves to make several of these mini quilts, but I'm sure they'll be used on something.
Not much else to report to be honest, I'm back to exercising every day, I slacked off while it was very warm, but things have cooled off again, so I'm back at it. I have more homework this month and I'm working my way through it. There is lots of reading and several pieces of written work this time, I suspect I won't have much time for sewing, it's a good thing I can just pick up a vine and sew on a leaf here and there.
1) Hunneys work / study load has eased off considerably.
2) It's Friday tomorrow.
3) One vine completed.


Cardygirl said...

The vines are looking good...I know what you mean about the is hard to be motivated.

Allie said...

Oh I love this so much! Congratulations!

I wish you could come over and motivate me to exercise every day - I'm such a slug!

Karen said...

Great vines!

Janice said...

The colours look so vibrant on the dark fabric. Can't wait to see more.