Friday, 24 June 2022

Another one quilted, bound and Finished.

Yesterday I continued and completed the quilting of the Op Shop Top.
Well, it's not a top any more, now it is a quilt. 
I was running out of lovely warm sunshine and my wee glass box of a room was beginning to cool down, but as you can see I was very close to being done so I carried on to the end.
My other sewing  room, at the other side of the house was by now bathed in sunshine and had warmed up nicely, so as soon as it came off the frame, I went in there to trim it and add the binding.
It was dark by the time I had closed the binding by hand, so I just laid it quickly on the floor for a quick photo.
I took it outside in the frost this morning for another outdoor photo shoot, but before we do that, here are some details. The quilting design is a freebie from Urban elementz  (I'm not affiliated, just like the design).
I had to do a little resizing, to make it small enough to work with my little machine.
Here you can see it on the quilt top.
But you can see it better on the backing fabric.
The blocks, and backing fabric for this one came from an op shop, the only fabric that came from stash was the blue for the corner stones and the odd pieces in the centre nine patch.
The batting is two large off cuts that I sewed together and the quilting thread is left over from another project. So on the whole, a very cheap quilt to make.
Now, time to go outside and shiver with me.
It was still below zero when I went outside this morning, but the sun was on her way.
Firstly on the deck, my rocking chair, right outside my quilting room.
While I was there I spotted a corner of the deck and wondered how that would look.
Then I climbed up on to the lawn to drape my quilt in to old man tree.
There are other trees on the property, but none of them are quite as good looking as this fellow.
I snapped a couple of pictures and like them both, so you get to see them both.
And one last shot before I ran back inside and into the warmth.
Old man tree, even in winter with no leaves he is a beauty, I love the shape.
And one final picture.
Her floofiness helping me with a snuggle test of Something Floral.
I don't think she wanted her picture taken....
Right, time to go and find something to do.
I have more tops to quilt, several projects in progress and I just downloaded a new scrappy project.....



Jennifer said...

Well done! I can feel the frost in my toes too.....Madame Cat is lovely.

julieQ said...

How very pretty! Nice finish!

kiwikid said...

Great finish, your tree is beautiful, interesting shape and little lean. Great quilting pattern too. Nice to see the quilt has been inspected and approved.

Janet O. said...

So does your great "thrifty" quilt have a name? I hope it isn't "cheap quilt". LOL I love the challenge of taking "found" fabrics like that and making a pleasing quilt. You have done very well.
Thank you for braving the cold to give us the lovely glamour shots. A very nice photo shoot.
Her Floofiness appears to be barely tolerating having her portrait taken.

Lin said...

Lovely finish on your cheap finds - the backing works perfectly and the quilting is lovely too. xx

ButterZ said...

Fantastic finish for you Lou. Love the different photos. I’m happy you were brave and tackled the cold for us.

Christine B said...

Well done on getting the quilt finished and thank you for all the lovely photos, I really enjoyed them! Christine xx

Jenny said...

A great finish. I'm most impressed, two sewing rooms, either end of the house!

Fiona said...

That top turned out really well.... great finish

Mystic Quilter said...

Great photos of your quilt, always nice to see our quilts in a variety of settings rather than just on the wall. Great use of op shop finds here. I remember the crisp cold of the South Island - loved it in Christchurch, are you down in Timaru?

jude's page said...

Great photographs outside, makes me think i should get more creative with my quilt photos

cityquilter grace said...

looks right at home everywhere! nice finish

Sharm said...

Oh, its come up looking well ..... and it was worth the trip out in the cold as it looks great hanging on old man tree ...... but it was also nice to see a snippet of your back yard as well! Nice job!

Janice said...

That’s a pretty nice quilt made just from odds and sods. You did have fun with your styling. I’ll have to have a look for that panto.

Karen S said...

It is lovely to see it finished and well done for getting out in the cold for the photo shoot!

Chookyblue...... said...

and just like that you got another one done and out for pics in completely different all the pics.....congrats on the finish......