Monday 6 July 2009

Four down, four to go.

With Hunney being gone all day Saturday, I had lots of time to play. I got the handles onto the Oh - Cherry - Oh bag, two slices of Jelly Roll, works out just nicely.
One side is mainly pinks and as you see this other side is greens and yellows.
The second bag is made from curtain samples, Elaine gave them to me and asked me to use them, she also remembered that I have a bag which uses a tassel for closure.
One each for Elaine and her grand daughter, both with tassel closures. I've done nothing special with the tassels, they are simply stitched onto the top of one side and flip over to the other side to hold the top closed. My Mother was here for her dinner last night and was eyeing the tasseled bag, she kept asking / checking that it was made from curtain samples. I think I may have more of these to make.
I have one more piece of fabric which Elaine gave to me, inspiration has struck and the handles are here, so maybe later today or tomorrow I'll get a chance to do something with it. She also gave me a tiny piece of cross stitch which had been in a birthday card, I think she intended it to go onto the fabric which she gave to me, but it doesn't go! I've had inspiration there too and will be back with more pictures. Four made, four to go.
DD Kay and I also put a couple of hours into the denim quilt on Saturday, she cut circles and drew squares, while I sewed them together. I now have a bunch of pieces, all four circles long. I'll need to get the tape measure out and decide just how long it needs to be, then I can start sewing long slices together.
The French Roses quilt also got an airing. I quilted from corner to corner through all the blocks, nice and simple, just as I planned. Then I got adventurous!I'll post pictures soon.
I may get a chance to sew some more later on today, but first I have to get on and do some homework, I've been very lax and have done only the reading. I have two essays to write this time and also a small project to complete and less than two weeks to get it done.
1) Getting adventurous.
2) Inspiring friends and fabrics.
3) Days off work.


Ali Honey said...

You've been busy doing one of my favoyurite things - making bags. New goodies arriving is always exciting - how they are presented all adds to their appeal.

Jane said...

The bags have turned out really well, great idea for the tassles