Saturday, 4 April 2020

Happy Progress.

Part 4 of Gail Pan's I stitch was released on Wednesday, a work day!
I knew that one day this would happen and I wouldn't be able to devote myself to it as soon as it arrived. None the less, as soon as I was able I made a start. I prepared the stitchery on Wednesday evening, then on my bonus corona day on Thursday I got on with the stitching. 
On Friday I joined in the Friday night sewing with friends and got the block almost completed.
And today, after a trip to work I got it completed.
Isn't it pretty?
And here it is all joined up with parts one to three.
The bonus project this month is a wee needle case, I'll be making that tomorrow.
 I'm still sewing a Frivol a day.
and seven.
I'm enjoying this project.
I've opted out of the only before work option and settled on a block a day.
So tomorrows block will mean row two is ready for joining on Monday, before work.
This afternoon before I left my sewing room I sorted out my light or bright blues for the RSC.
Maybe I'll find time to make one of those tomorrow also.
Well, I'd better go. I have one last bowl of tomatoes to turn into relish, they need to sit and brine overnight and I want to get them chopped before I have to start dinner.
Have fun with your weekend.
Stay home
Stay safe
Stay well.


kiwikid said...

Well done on getting part 4 finished, it looks lovely. Frivol blocks look wonderful, hope you got the tomatoes chopped.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

your blocks are looking really great - have making your tomato recipe

Lin said...

Your Gail Pan is so pretty and the frivol blocks are looking lovely. xx

Ali Honey said...

Your making great progress. You seem to get lots done.

Cheryll said...

Your stitchery & fabric look fantastic together...nice job... & I love all your blocks. It will make a beautiful quilt. Thanks for stopping in for FNwF.
Hope to see you again next week too...xox

Janice said...

Both your projects are beautiful. Corona days are helping you to progress things nicely. Enjoy making your relish.

Fiona said...

Your I stitch is just lovely, and in fabrics I just adore too... all those frivol blocks are looking good... will be lovely...

Fiona said...

ooops I may have pressed Buy Now for the I stitch club!!! hmmmmm - I will just blame you..... haha

Jeanette said...

Love your blocks from Gail's BOM. I haven't even started them. :). The frivol blocks are pretty. Hugs,xx

Raewyn said...

It didn't take you long to get Gail's latest block done, once you were able to get to it. That's gong to be lovely. Do the circles form the outer edge of the quilt, do you think? Very nice. Good on you with the Frivol blocks - your pile is growing very steadily and nicely.

Karen S said...

Your Gail Pan panel is looking wonderful. And well done keeping up.
Love seeing all he quilt blocks being added to.

Kate said...

The Gail Pan stitching turned out beautifully! Congrats on making such good progress on all your projects last week.