Wednesday, 1 April 2020


My Corona day on Tuesday was a very good day.
First I made up my fourth Frivol block.
Such a pretty minty fresh colour.
Then I finally got on and quilted Tula Pinks Unicorns.
Then I made and attached binding.
I lost at thread chicken. But look how close it was!!
Finally I sat in my chair in the afternoon sunshine and closed the binding.
It was a joy to make. It will wait here with me until the lockdowns are lifted and I can mail it to my beautiful grand daughter.
 My photos look awful.
Are they awful?
I just can't seem to get them to look nice. Most of them are taken in poor light sadly.
But the finished quilt was taken in the sunlight coming through our glass front door.
 This morning before work I set too and joined the first four Frivol blocks.
Then took a photo with the house lights on, as it was still dark.
I also cut the next set of four blocks ready for sewing/
I'll have to be very careful when joining them, especially this one.
An eighth of an inch short.
I'm really not happy with this Frivol tin and don't think I will be buying anymore.
Tomorrow is another Corona day.
I'll be working on the April installment of Gail Pan's I stitch as it was delivered by email today. 
It is a lovely block which has hearts and a butterfly to stitch.
And of course, a new month means a new colour for RSC and a new secret Christmas ornament. I never did get around to ordering different coloured beads, so the same old colour it will be.
Hope you are all staying home and staying safe.
I'm off to knit.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I find often if I take photo's in the sewing room I either have to shut the blind in the room to block the strong sun in the afternoon or when taking photos of the design wall I have to turn more lights on. It is hard sometimes to get the right combination of light

Janice said...

I've heard of a few people having precuts not being the exact size. At least you are aware of it and can compensate. They fabrics are so pretty. Faith's quilt is beautiful.

You'll have fun with your projects planned for April.

Lin said...

What a lovely quilt finish - well done. xx

Fiona said...

The quilt is just beautiful... nothing wrong with the photo's at all in my view... I do find it interesting how colour can look so different in pictures somethimes. The frivol blocks are looking great.. disappointing when the blocks aren't cut right...

Ali Honey said...

Love the quilt. Please keep posting your photos . I am happy to look at them! Stay safe my friend and thanks for leaving me comments.

Karen S said...

Your frivol blocks are coming along very nicely.
And that is a lovely finish on your quilt. It looks wonderful.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful quilt finish. I don't think your photos are awful, we just have to work with the light we have. The Frivol blocks are wonderful, shame the fabric is cut short.