Friday, 12 December 2008

Can I waffle for a while?

I'm tired today, I didn't sleep very well last night. I don't know why. Hunney and I put up our Christmas tree and some decorations, then sat and cuddled by twinkling tree lights for a while before going off to bed. I was shattered and ready for a good sleep, but kept waking up, it was very frustrating.
I went off to work this morning though and had quite a good shift, I was working with a colleague who can be a bit hit and miss, on a good day, he's very very good, but on a bad day, he's a PITA! Today was a good day, he was fun to be with. Somehow we ended up talking about my ex husband and my dad. It was difficult, but I told him a little about my childhood. He was shocked and said that he had no idea. He said that I must be amazingly strong, to have gone through that stuff and come out the way I have. Compliments like that I can take everyday.
Another of my colleagues called in today, she is unwell, and looked worse than I feel. I so wanted to give her a hug, but just didn't get a chance. I sent her a text on my cell phone, and we had a little chat that way, I hope that I managed to pass one colleagues kindness to me, onto another colleague. I hope she feels a little better.
This morning before going to work, I hopped onto my bathroom scales, and guess what? I lost some weight!! Only a little, about 5 pounds, but hey! That's 5 pounds! Yippee. After work, I came home via the scenic route. I came through Poyll Dooey, it all looked a lot different today, the trees are bare and the pond was frozen. I don't think it got up above zero today. I had the wrong footwear on though, my little boots are not really the thing for a longer walk. Never mind, I'll be fine by tomorrow.

Waiting for me at home was a parcel, a little package all beautifully wrapped in blue tissue paper and a pretty ribbon.

Three beautiful Cinderberry patterns. A stitched trilogy, A whimsical Gift and The Night Before....
Now I'll have to get Santa finished. I didn't do anything at all to him last night, was too busy decorating, and I doubt I'll be up to much tonight either. We'll see what tomorrow and the weekend bring.
DD Kay asked why I sometimes put kisses from Hunney as my gratitude's? Morning kisses especially are rare. It used to be that he was up before me, and gone off to work before I was moving, so I rarely got a morning kiss. Now that he has changed jobs, I'm up first, and off to work before he stirs. So I still don't often get a morning kiss, but I love it when I do!
1) Yet another understanding friend.
2) I lost weight!
3) Coming home to treasure.


Stina said...

Such a great parcel in the mail...lovely patters... :O) and congratulations on the 5 pounds loss...envy of you...;o) but can only blame

Lurline's Place said...

Lovely stitcheries! Glad you had a good day, kisses in the morning are the best way to start a day, and I'm with you trying to lose a bit of weight!
Hugs - Lurline!

Miss 376 said...

Well done on losing weight, makes all the extra effort worthwhile. Lovely parcel to come home to