Thursday, 18 December 2008

A quick post.

Yesterdays walk was once again wild and blustery.
I've done my usual and up loaded my pics in the wrong order! Well I wouldn't be Loulee if I didn't! On my way home I noticed that the fire station was stood open. I hadn't heard any sirens, so I'm sure it's just a consequence of the two plumbers vans sat out side! The station is not manned, the guys all come running from their beds or their other jobs when they are paged.
I had crossed the road at the top end of the harbour and looked out onto the Sulby river, away up there the path into Poyll Dooey starts. On the left of the river, the white building is a weather station. Behind it rises Sky hill. On the right bank there are some private homes.
I had walked up from the shore, and called into the drop inn charity shop on the way. More of that next time. The mooragh prom, from whence I had come, is at the end of this road.

I was on the other side of the harbour, the best walks in town are over there.

I had decided to walk out the other of our two break waters.

As I walked I remembered walking here with my Gran, many years ago. There you go, my walk in reverse! LOL
Gotta dash, sorry.
1) My 'Other job' day
2) A ride to work with Hunney
3) A morning kiss.


Ali Honey said...

I enjoyed my walk again Thanks. I get my photos in the right order usually but end up deleting them if I try and put them where I want them. Blogger usually wins.

So glad Santa is back on form. Great result!
Keep smiling, when you can.

Tazzie said...

Thank you for taking us on your walk with you - such beautiful pictures.
Have a wonderful day hon

Marit said...

It was nice taking a walk with you. Pretty pictures, pretty place. Looks a bit cold, though.
And thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment, too.

Jane said...

I love the sound of the sea, a beautiful place for a walk

Tanja said...

Hi Lou, I really enjoyed walking around with you. What a wonderful place to live!
One day I hope to visit the Isle of Man (I have never been there)!

Rowyn said...

I'm really enjoying your walk photos. I've flown over the Isle of Man many times, and always wondered what was down there. :-)

Jane Hards Photography said...

I enjoyed my virtual walk. It was fasr too cold yesterday. The sky ove the harbour is beautiful.