Saturday, 20 December 2008


Today's pictures are all stitchy! The weather was vile yesterday and it's vile again today, so no walkies for me! I'll have to content myself with running up and down the stairs a few times. Easily arranged if I can get myself in the mood to do laundry!
Enough of that! Where's the stitchy stuff?

A Tilda rose.
I got my nieces crayons out and added a little colour to this little stitchery. It's been whispering to me and I know what it wants to do, so I'll hopefully be getting onto that this weekend.
Stitchery number two, I started this one last night while I cozied up in the study with Hunney, just a little left to do and I'll have another Christmas decoration sorted.
This design was a freebie from Gail Pan Designs. Such a treat, I just had to have a go. I'm going to replace all of the French Knots with tiny red glass seed beads though. It's not cause I can't do French Knots, honest.............
Last time I did get out for a walk I called into a charity shop and found this lovely navy blue gingham duvet cover. It spoke to me, talked volumes it did! It wants to become shopping / grocery bags.

Who am I to destroy the dreams of an old duvet cover?
I got to do more shopping yesterday too. It was my day in the Onchan office. I took myself off up the hill before the downpour started and skipped back with these treasures. Some reds, because I'll need plenty to join in with Red Delicious.
And noodle roll of bright batiks. Yummy.
I also found a bundle of ribbon remnants tied up in a ball, 50p for the bundle, not bad at all.
Well that's me, that's some lovely stitchy news! I'm off to drink the cuppa DD made for me, then I'm going to play with my needles, maybe I'll have the Christmas Stitchery done before Hunney gets in from work.
1) Four days off work.
2) A lift home from work.
3) The generosity of others.


Jane said...

You have been busy. The gingham will make lovely shopping bags

quiltmom anna said...

Hi Loulee,
What lovely fabrics you found and some great prices too..
Such pretty stitcheries to look at-
Glad to hear that you are having some nice times indoors.
I wonder what you will make with your ribbon fabrics- I can hardly wait to see.
Hope that the weather has improved- here in Alberta winter has truly arrived and the wind is bitterly cold. I am pleased to be finished work for the Christmas break. I am looking forward to the time off. I hope to have some nice times with my family and friends as well as to enjoy time quilting.
Be well my friend,

Unknown said...

Great idea about the seed beads. I plan on making mine into a cushion for dd for next year. Love the reds you bought.

Julia said...

Hi Loulee,
Love the coloured in roses, that makes so much difference to the embroidery..
The tree looks lovely..
Have a lovely Christmas with your family.
Hugs Julia ♥

Tanja said...

The Christmas stitchery is adorable, I love the red colour!
One of these days I have to try it instead of all the cross stitching.