Sunday, 14 December 2008

More from Friday.

I still didn't get a chance to lift my needle. So poor Santa will have to remain legless for a day or two longer.
Instead I have more views of my home town. These were taken on my windy Friday walk. I was exhausted last night and really didn't have the energy to add much in the way of comments, I'll try to do better today.
Here you see the swing bridge from the inner harbour. I know I have mentioned the harbours, but, probably not explained them very well. The outer harbour, in yesterdays picture is used mostly by our small fishing fleet and an even smaller fleet of carrier vessels. The inner harbour seen here can only be accessed by smaller craft at low tide or by swinging the bridge. This harbour is used by smaller fishing craft and pleasure craft. Off to the left in this picture is the entrance to the old harbour, it too has only smaller craft and yachts, many of which get lifted out of the water during the winter months. Look here for an Ariel view.
There are lots of swans that live on Ramsey harbour and some recent winter visitors have swelled the numbers, I lost count at twenty two last time I tried to count. On Friday they were all spread out across all three harbour areas and I didn't stand a chance. A few came to say hello though.

This is the very end of the Queens pier. A half mile of iron that stretches out into Ramsey bay. Sadly like many of these seaside attractions this one is now closed as it is considered to be unsafe. There used to be an arm that stretched off toward the left and ferries would dock there, indeed it is called the Queens pier because, Queen Victoria once visited Ramsey and arrived at this very pier. I don't remember the ferries, but I do remember riding on the small train which used to run along the length and also walking out there. There used to be a cafe which sold ice creams. I remember going with my grand mother.
Here we are on the break water. These two shorter piers offer a sheltered entrance to the harbour. Over there on the right is North Prom, where you have walked with me before.

Standing on the breakwaters I can look back and see all of Ramsey sea front. I shan't bore you with all of it, but I just had to get in the Lifeboat house. The RNLI, Royal National Lifeboat Institute is a charitable organisation whom I have always supported, my father is a sailor (Yeah, I know, but he's still my dad) and now my son works on the sea. One day, please no, but one day....

That's it for today. I'll try to have some sewing content next time I write! I'll also try to remember to take my camera out if it's fit to walk anywhere.
It being Sunday and me not having to be at work until 3pm, there are calls here for pancakes! I'd better move, before they eat the table.
1) No alarm clock today.
2) Morning with my Hunney
3) Demands for pancakes.


Torina said...

Where you live is beautiful! I love your pictures.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I like how you have explained the outer and inner harbours to anyone not from the area. I shall have to remember that.

Ali Honey said...

I also love learning about where you live. It looks like an interesting and changing place to take walks. Which direction do you live ( when looking at tht aerial photo )? Would North be pointing to the bottom of that photo?

Thanks so much for sending on the 3 wise women joke. I had a good laugh.

sewkalico said...

Ooh pancakes! Yum.
Lovely photos - looks like a wonderful place to live!

Janice said...

Hi Lou

I have just found your blog through the Red Delicious BOM comments which I plan to start after Christmas.

When I see you photos of the IOM I just want to be there. We visited for 2 weeks for the TT in 2007. We shipped our bike to the UK from Australia and travelled around for a couple of months. We enjoyed it so much we are coming back for 3 weeks for the TT in 2009, staying in Castletown.

Next time I will visit the craft shop in Onchan. Last time I only found the sewing shop in Port Erin.

I look forward to visiting your blog.