Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sitting comfortably.

I sat for a while in my new chair the other day, very comfortable it has to be said. Grandads chair, seen here, has been demoted back to the role of quilt display!
And this is my new and much more comfortable seat for cross stitching and any other work I choose to take up to the study. It's far more comfortable and supportive. My feet reach the floor which is a bonus!

No the heater behind it is not switched on! If it gets cool up there I just pull out one of my quilts. Hunney says I am much more settled in it that I was in Grandads chair. It's the best £20.00 I ever spent.

So in the comfort of my new chair, I have been working away on Santa, he's not so skinny now. I have actually done more since I took this photo. Hopefully I'll get him finished tonight and can post the final pic on Friday.
I was working at my office job today and was hoping to get up to the sewing shop, but the service manager turned up, along with the regional director! That plan went out of the window! Never mind, I'll go next week. Not that I have any pocket money left, I've spent quite a bit in the last couple of days. Claire sent me an Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine with one of Tazzies patterns in it, and also.....part one of a delicious quilt pattern, so I was straight online to the back issues page looking for the next issue. Yummy! Thank you Claire. I also took myself off to the Buttonberry shop and spent some money there on some beautiful stitchery patterns. So now I'm hoping the postie will be bringing more than cards and gifts.
My popular patchwork magazine arrived yesterday, and today I bought 2 more magazines, so now I have 4 to read!
No walking today, except trawling up and down the street looking for a lock smith and a gift for a colleagues nephew!
1) Lots of magazine inspiration just waiting for me.
2) Coming home to a warm house.
3) I got all my work done, even with visits from managers and directors!


Dionne said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I love Tazzies patterns!

quiltygal said...

let me know what the vol number is Loulee i'll see if I can get part two for you

black bear cabin said...

wow, i dont stop by for a few days and you have all kinds of stuff going on!!!
Your new chair looks super cozy...i hate when my feet dont touch the floor(which happens often) doh!
i love your cross stich holder too...what brand do you recommend? I have a larger one for quilting blankets, but was thinking of purchasing one for smaller projects.
As far as walking goes, i didnt get out today, but went yesterday. Ive been inspired by your blog to get out there and "just do it"!