Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas Trees.

Chookyblue wants pictures of Christmas trees, so post pictures of your trees on your blog, then leave her a message and let her know.
My blog may have been quiet over the weekend, but I haven't. I got my new chair, and it's soooooooo comfortable. I'll take a pic of that another day, once I've finished messing about and got it settled into my sewing corner in the study.
I have been up there doing a little cross stitch and some closing up of binding on some more little Christmas items. I made a bunch of coaster size mats this time and there are some ornaments sat up there awaiting my attention and some ribbons and froufrou.
The coasters are just 5 inch charms, sweet and simple, and all different to go along with the charming scrappy feel of the other mats I made.
Now for the bit Chooky wants.
I don't normally start to decorate until after the 10th which is DS Joes birthday, but somehow this year, one or two bits have sneaked out early.
This first little tree has bells for decoration and a candle in the centre. The bells are not very tinkly, but it's pretty to look at.

No bells on this one, just lots and lots of glitter. Not the greatest picture, sorry.

Another one with bells, these ones are tinkly, though vigorous shaking is discouraged. I think the kids do it just to wind me up. I often hear them telling stories to their friends about little hands playing with trees and my disembodied voice telling them from another room, to leave my tree alone or Santa won't visit!
I love bells and when the big tree goes up, it too has tinkly bells. My early warning system, it tells me when small hands, and in the past kitty paws, are meddling where they shouldn't be. I also think that small hands just love to play with tinkly bells and even though I told them to leave alone, secretly I really do love to hear the sound of tinkly bells. These three little trees are all about 12 inches high and this year are sat on the dresser in the dining room.
Every day last week I went for a walk. Friday was good I went with DD Kay and on the way home we did a little shopping. That was nice.
I didn't walk on Saturday, I did loads of housework though and ran up and down stairs I don't know how many times, loaded up with baskets of laundry and bags of gifts.
Sunday I went for a walk with Hunney, well I say walk, it was more like a route march, there he was strolling along with me puffing along half a step behind! It was good to get out together though.
I need to pop out today to get ribbon, yards and yards of ribbon and froufrou for those decorations I mentioned and a colleague has given me some bits to chop up and remake for her, so that will need ribbon too. Pictures tomorrow hopefully.
It's my long weekend off work, so I have two more days to play. I'll get out for a walk if the rain stops, if not I'll dig out my dancercise DVD, if there is an earthquake, you know what caused it!
No Maria today, she is away, but hopefully by having two weeks between visits I'll be able to sit there next week and say I lost a couple of pounds! I feel better about myself.

I'm off to the shops.
1) Two days off.
2) A recent plethora of little finishes.
3) The rain has stopped.


Abby and Stephanie said...

Cute trees and I love your coasters! Seeing all of the beautiful and different trees makes me want a few more than the one I have!

Lurline said...

Mmmm - charm squares for coasters - love the idea, thanks!
Hugs - Lurline!
PS - if I come up with some whacky idea in the near future, please tell everyone that you thought of it first!

quiltygal said...

finding it hard to get any xmas spirit going this year normally all my decorations sre up by now but I havent even brought cards !! love the coasters put that idea in my file for later :)

black bear cabin said...

cute trees...but i LOVE your little coasters!!!