Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Had a busy day.

Yesterday I managed to get loads done. Last night, I finished closing up four of these little Christmas Robin ornaments. Thinking about it, if I do something like this again I'd use an individual robin rather than leave them joined as I did here, but never mind. I stitched a hanging loop in when I was attaching the binding.
Then added some ribbons and a bell after it was all closed up. I've made four of these, did I say that already? I plan to keep one for myself and gift the other three to my colleagues who will be working with me on Christmas day. I'll be up and at work by 07.45 on Christmas morning and will work until 3 pm. I won't be alone, Eirwen will be with me, at 3pm two other colleagues will relieve us. I'm not sure what Eirwens plans are, but for me Christmas is on hold until 27th, I have two whole days off and plan to do the whole thing then. Hunney and the kids are in agreement, so that's settled.
Another colleague, Bev gave me an organza table cloth thingy and asked me to make her some place mats with it, so with much swearing I came up with these. I've used two layers of plain white cotton and cotton batting in between, then bound them with a gold satin ribbon. That organza stuff was horrible to work with. It was so stretchy and springy and had creases in all over. I tried hanging it in the bathroom for a day or two, I even took a cool iron to it, then a warmer iron through the cotton cloth I use for Hunneys trousers, but to no avail, the damn thing stayed creased.
Some of those creases disappeared with some tweaking and pinning, but it would drive me nuts having those things on my table, I can still see creases. The best of it all, Bev will be away for Christmas, she's going to Canada, the mats are just so her neighbour has something nice to look at when she pops in to feed the cat!
In my quest to cut out some more of the drafts in this place, I was back into the charity shop yesterday looking for something raggedy to fill yet another sausage. This little guy was right there, in my face as I walked in through the door. I just had to have him.

Isn't he adorable. He has faded a little I think, but I don't care. Hunney took one look when he came home last night and fell in love too. That poor Bumble Bee is gonna get it!
Once I had finished all of my sewing, I got on and cross stitched some of my Santa. No pic sorry! I'll save that for another day. I also had a tidy up around my sewing space up in the study and got my Lowry work stand and my daylight lamp all nicely set for use with my new chair. Yesterday was the first time I sat in it for more than 10 mins. I was in it for most of the afternoon then all evening. Even Hunney commented that I seemed to do less fidgeting and was more settled than I had ever been when working up there. I didn't need a foot stool, nor did I drag a blanket over my lap. On the whole I think it was £20 well spent. Now that the area is tidy again I'll take a picture later for posting another day.
My walk yesterday was cut short as the rain started again, but at least I got out. I'm off out again today too. Then I think I'll spend the afternoon up in the study, maybe I'll get Santa finished and can get back to my flowers.

1) A sunny day
2) A comfy seat.
3) A morning kiss from Hunney.


Abby and Stephanie said...

The little print reminds me of your animal babies stitchery. So cute. How brave to work on such fussy fabric. They look very elegant.

sewkalico said...

I hate fiddly fabrics. (I also hate when non-sewers ask you to make/fix... things that are not fun to do!) But you have done well!
Great Christmas ornament.

Ali Honey said...

Wow, I love the robin door hanger and the wee trees in the last post!

Rowyn said...

I love your robin ornament, and the placemats (so pretty).

I especially love Tiger & Bee. No wonder you snapped it up.

black bear cabin said...

Love the robin! the print of the little tiger is cute too :)
as for the walk cut short...as you said, just keep getting out there...ill try to :)