Friday, 12 December 2008

Too many Sherrys.

Santa is legless!
I feel much better today, I had a great nights sleep after finishing off Santa's arm last night.
I'm off out for a walk soon, then when I get home I'll be sorting out Santa's boots. He is almost done now. I have some ribbons and bells left from the robin door ornaments, so I'll be adding a little something to the bottom, then this piece will be wrapped to be given away.
I don't know what to do next, I have lots to choose from, cross stitch and quilts, I have more Christmas ideas, lots of new patterns and stitcheries, my floral trio cross stitch is whispering to me, the fan quilt is ......saying something to me, I have a gift idea for a friend and I have other WIPs all talking quietly.
I'm almost afraid to go back to the fans. I tackled them at a very confusing time, they stopped and started, stopped and started and I'm not sure what I'll find if I open the bag and let them out. I feel as though my state of mind while I was trying to add to the beautiful blocks which Karen sent, may just have affected things for me. Have I poured all my confusion and pain into them? Are all my childhood frustrations and anxieties now sewn up in the blocks I made? I know I need some more cotton batting in order to get the last two side panels on, I've been putting off buying more and using up all my little bits to make table mats. I said that the closure of this year and the beginning of a new year would I feel be a very positive thing for me, but I feel negatively about going back to the fan quilt, if as I suspect it does hold some of those feelings then surely finishing it would bring some sense of closure for me, that would be a positive thing too, but I baulk at opening the bag, I see it peeping out from under my sewing table and I don't like the way it makes me feel. Maybe I need company, perhaps Moya or DD Kay, or Hunney will hold my hand while I peep inside.

1) Another late shift.
2) Spoilt for project choice!
3) A good nights sleep.


Kerry said...

Hi Loulee,
Thanks for coming by my blog, it's nice to have visitors, especially one's that I follow myself and didn't know they came by mine. It's an interesting world out there in blogland. Your Santa is so lovely - so much work! I'm sure you'll know when the time is right to tackle the fans again, as you say, perhaps with a freind there to help with it and support you, and when it's finished with you'll feel so much releif, it won't be there to haunt you anymore.
Best wishes for the Christmas season!

sewkalico said...

Love your Santa (he's almost as nice as my precious one from you!!)

Quilts take a lot of time, work, energy etc. You need to think about whether you want to spend more energy on it and what you will get from the finish or whether you want to just move along from it and then maybe giving it away to Linus etc may be an option.

I have many UFO's, I often think of tackling some, but then I wonder what I will do with them finished and that sort of leaves them as UFO's!

Open it with a friend (or family) and talk it through. You are a wonderfully creative person and would your energy be well spent on it or not?? It will make a lovely quilt when it's done though!!

Stina Blomgren said...

Go for it...don´t let the old ghosts get to you...
The quilt is a beautiful and just wonderful quilt...something that beautiful cant be bad...I cross my fingers for you!! :o)

Lurline said...

Santa is lovely - so much work to give away!
For what it is worth, I would not pull out the fan quilt - there's so many things to do that make one feel good, so I would move on!
Hugs - Lurline!

Ali Honey said...

Hi loulee,
I haven't been able to use the computer for a few days so had several posts to read.
I'm a bit worried about Santa being leglees - that could have serious consequences!
I think you should leave the fans a while longer...till you are ready for them or another time all together - they'll keep. Do something happyand Christmasy.
I know how a good nights sleep can make all the difference to how you feel and how the world looks.
Keep warm but enjoy your walks - they work wonders.
Hugs from Ali.