Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I've decided I'm going to have Sundays off from now on. Look who made the pancakes. Yep, my little chef Joe. He needed a bit of guidance with his measurements, typical man, but the rest he did all by himself.
They were delicious, especially after he chopped up some chocolate and added that to the final half of the mixture. In future he makes the breakfast on Sundays. LOL I wish!
That gave me time to get to this......
I've had a bunch of pretty Tilda stitcheries for a while and this one got lucky on Sunday.

I have a half baked plan for some of these and some other bits and pieces. Don't hold your breath though, it only came out on Sunday because I was in a hurry and desperate for something to do.
I saw my counsellor last night, I had lots of good news, I'd talked to another colleague about my childhood, done some walking and lost a bit of weight, mum is coming for my re arranged Christmas day. It was all very positive, then she suggested that perhaps after Christmas we may cut down to meeting only once a fortnight, and it all went to pieces, I panicked, oh dear! I don't think I'm ready for that yet. Maybe I didn't turn as many corners as I had hoped. We'll see, maybe I'll get used to the idea.
1) Take away and Hunneys cuddles for dinner last night.
2) An early finish this afternoon.
3) A late start tomorrow.


Lorraine said...

baby steps! don't panic...see how it goes and I am sure you will be fine...if you feel the need to go back each week I am sure that will be fine too...those pancakes look delish....well done Joe!....cute stitchery too...I haven't done any stitching for a few days...too many other things on the go and trying to tidy everything up at work so I can go on holidays!

Stina Blomgren said...

You can do it!!:o)
Just take care... and as Lorraine said...take small steps!!
Love the stitchery you are working on...and I love your scissor!!! :o)
Hmmm..pancakes...well done...:o)

Gari in AL said...

Being from the US I am not sure what a fortnight is but I remember when my clients would hear that we were going to not see each other for longer periods of time, they were stressed, too. However, that idea only came when I could see that they were finding other supports and needed me less. Remember, your therapist is trying to work herself out of a job by helping you to become stronger. Interesting, huh?