Monday 22 December 2008

Too busy to sew.

We've been busy busy busy here, doing lots of Christmas related things, but sadly no sewing.
First off my little chef and I made ginger cookies for his Nana. He did all the work except lifting them out of the oven. I love the stockings.
I had such lovely comments about my tree and ornaments that I thought I could show off some more.
I have a growing collection of glass angels which this year are sitting on top of the stereo in the lounge room where the tree is. Last year and the year before the two smaller ones hung on the tree, but this year they are keeping the big one company.

I adore these and want to add to the collection. The tallest one is this years addition. There are also two others which will not stand, they hang on the tree.
In keeping with my love of bells I made this little ornament from a kit many years ago, there is also a heart shaped piece which I made at the same time.

I mentioned one of my paper ornaments in an earlier post, there is a whole set of them, they look like sheet music and have various folds and decorations. I've had these for about 20 years.

These beautiful beaded baubles I bought two years ago, there is a matching red one. Sadly they are loosing beads all over. I don't know if it is worth trying to rescue them or if one year I will have to retire them.

I have a few of these glass pieces, but this is the only photo that worked out. There is also a little girl angel and a woman angel encased in glass baubles. They are difficult to spot on the tree, but oh so beautiful. I could and would also use them on a blue and silver/white themed tree.

That blue ish package back there is one of my gifts! Hunney put it there yesterday. ;-)
I mentioned some angels who hung on the tree.... This green one holds a candle and she has a red sister who holds a heart. The glass bauble beside her holds feathers, which, if a static charge builds up seem to float in the ball rather than lying on the bottom.

I have two of these pretty little baubles, again I made them from a kit, several years ago. I saw some recently in a charity shop, what a lovely way to raise funds. The fan behind it is more of that sheet music.
Linda commented on my previous post that she liked the little Victorian style ornament which was peeping out behind something else. I only bought these a few years ago, there are five in the set, each one has a cherub on and each is a different shape.
Last but not least, inspired by some rather old and tired decorations at work, I bought myself a bunch of bells, some pretty ribbons and I now have 3 more door hangers which tinkle and jingle when ever we open and close doors. Of course some people make sure they jingle!!
Little chef helped me with these yesterday while his cookies were in the oven.
I did take a picture of the tree with all the gifts under it, but I figure this post has enough pictures already, so I'll keep it in reserve for another day, just in case I don't get to my needle today either.
Last night was my staff night out. We were given a choice of a few different places and the majority voted for an Indian meal. It was really nice and made a change from the usual Christmas fare. As I am on call this week I didn't go on to a bar afterwards, instead my self and the staff members who are on duty this morning came back here to our place and we had coffee and mince pies. It was also a chance to catch up with a colleague who has been off work with and undergoing treatment for cancer. It was good to see him enjoying himself and more like his old self. After Christmas he is to have another ten weeks of treatment, then hopefully an all clear. I had a lovely night.

1) Health and happiness
2) Happy times with nice people.
3) A good night out and in.


Abby and Stephanie said...

I love seeing how people decorate for Christmas. Beautiful tree. Your little chef is welcome to bake gorgeous cookies at my house. :o) I have not done any gingerbread men in many years.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sounds like you are ready for Christmas and in the Christmas spirit :o)