Friday, 5 December 2008

Loads of Pictures.

An assortment of stitchy and scenic pictures today.
First up, I made myself a new hand bag. I popped a wee tartan Scottie dog on the front.
Doesn't he look grand, just so pleased with himself?
A simple wee bag, similar to the ones I made for Hunneys nieces. I know the pattern is in some of the Tilda books if you're interested.
I'm rather pleased with it, it's plenty big enough to hold my money purse, keys and phone. What more could a girl need?
I also got DD Kay's bag finished. She wanted extra long straps so it would go on her shoulder, even with a winter coat on.
Your wish is my comm......No I'm not admitting to that. I managed long handles dear! LOL
There was still more than enough tartan duvet cover left to make a sausage for the sitting room! I used a double layer of a really threadbare patch for this. This one contains a rolled up threadbare kingsize duvet cover I purchased in the charity shop at great expense, £0.50 LOL.
And would you believe I've managed to put away some of the tartan off cuts in the drawer for another day?

I've been ever so good and walked every day. (For three days) Today I had a 1 1/2 mile hike from the bus stop to my brothers house! Yesterday I took a more scenic route and took the camera along.
Here we see the islands only mountain, yes it qualifies, at 2034, it just makes it! Yesterday it was living up to the name the Vikings gave it, 'Snaefell' means snow hill in the Norse language.

At the summit there is a cafe which is open in the summer. There are also radio masts and a civil defence mast. Hunney climbed both masts when he worked for Manx Radio. (Link in the side bar)
If you click on the next image, you can just see some grey blobs on the horizon. They are Scotland! Which is actually only about 22 miles away at the closest point. This view looks North along the Mooragh prom. The park is over to my left.
This is a beautiful beach for walking on and many dog walkers are seen here every day. The water is not so good for swimming though, there are some treacherous currents which run along this stretch of the coast.

Heading south I come to the harbour again. Here I'm looking straight out to sea between two long break waters. I cross the famous Ramsey Swing Bridge, but forgot to take a photo.
As I got to the other side of the bridge I stopped to take pictures of the rest of the harbour. Here you see the inner harbour, inside of the bridge obviously. If you keep on going up there and around to the right just a bit you pass under another bridge and on into the Sulby river.
If on the other hand you about face and cross the road you see the outer harbour, and it's flotilla of swans, geese and ducks.

That weird wooden contraption is what the bridge rests on when it has swung. The swinging is not a daily occurrence at this time of year, but in the summer it does swing almost daily to allow boats to pass from inner to outer harbour and on out to sea.
The harbour was very quiet yesterday, the calm weather meant that our small fishing fleet, along with my DS Jonathan, were out at sea. As were our small fleet of carrier vessels. They transport coal, crops, timber, animal feeds and various other itmes to and from England, Wales and Ireland.
Someone suggested that this is not a good time to start dieting. I wholly agree, but I'm not planning to diet just yet, I just intend to move more! I'll see about eating less in the new year. Thanks for the support though, anyone want to join me? That always helps.
I worked in my office role in Onchan today, during my short lunch break I scooted up the hill to a sewing shop and got my sticky paws on a couple of fat quarters. Christmas fabric of course! I want to make a special gift bag for Hunney. I met Moya there too. She spent more than me! LOL After work I met Hunney at my brothers and we went to do the grocery shopping. Yay, no fighting with the masses on saturday.
For now I'm off upstairs to sit in the study with Hunney. I'll get an hour of cross stitching done before bedtime.
1) The grocery shop is done!
2) A long weekend off work and no on call. (4 Days)
3) Take away dinner.


Mad about Craft said...

Love the Scotty dog!!!

thank you for the lovely photos - I would love to ee your part of the world!

How are you feeling?

black bear cabin said...

cute scotty dog! :)
but i really enjoyed the picturesque walk with you in your neck of the woods...looks a lot different than my place right now :) Its -1 degrees outside...brrrrrr!

Lurline said...

Love the Scottie bag and the pics! Am I right in thinking the Isle of Man belongs to England?
Hugs - Lurline!

Ali Honey said...

I enjoyed walking with you and seeing sight of where you live. Love the swing bridge.

Be happy! Hi to your Hunney as well from another, older Honey Kiwi.

sewkalico said...

You're busy again! Great bags and the tartan is a real find. I enjoyed your walk. I'd try lose weight with you, but I'm a bad influence especially as chocolate is my middle name!LOL

quiltygal said...

wow Loulee great scenery how lucky are you !! if I took pics it would just be houses ...I need to lose some weight so might buddy up with you after the silly season is over.....

Lynda said...

Love the little dog - and the lovely bag handles.