Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A walk in the park.

In true Loulee fashion all my photos are jumbled up, but at least you'll get a taste of my walk yesterday.
There was a North Westerly breeze blowing yesterday, straight off the Arctic, so bitterly cold, I was wrapped up in my big coat, scarf and gloves, which came on and off and on and off, so I could use the camera. We have a large recreational park area called Mooragh park. The whole thing and the harbour near by were created by the Victorians, prior to that the whole area was a swamp.
We have our own mini crazy golf, which is meant to represent the TT course. There is a type of palm tree that has managed to toughen itself up to withstand howling gales and freezing temperatures and survive here, known affectionately as 'The Manx Palm'. There are lots of little gardens and quiet areas to sit. I couldn't get into the sensory garden as the guys were in there working, I'll get a pic another day.
Although the area was drained it never totally dried out, so the Victorians created a lake, which can drain and be replenished via a sluice through into the harbour. During the summer there are sail boats and row boats for hire.

It's not very obvious from my pictures, but there is an island in the centre of the lake.

This is the old harbour, which the Victorians created. It's used now mostly for pleasure craft and as you see the majority of them are lifted out of the water for the winter.

This foot path runs the full length of the old harbour. That wall right at the end...the park is on the other side of that, there is a road, then the boat house and then the lake.

The sluice gates for the lake drain out just where the wall runs out in the center of this pic.

On my way home from my walk I called in at a charity shop which I don't often visit. I'm glad I did, I found the perfect chair. For some time I've been looking for a back saver chair, you know the kind, you see them in hospitals and nursing homes. Good straight supportive back rests and sturdy arms. They have them for sale in the furniture shop, just a few doors away from here, but I'm not paying £500 plus for one chair. The one I found yesterday was £20. The varnish is a little worn on the arm rests, but the upholstery is in perfect condition and it's very comfortable to sit in. Hopefully Moya will loan us her car to collect it at the weekend, it should go in that with the rear seats down.

Yesterdays visit to the charity shop reminded me of my finds on Friday when I was out with DD. These pictures uploaded backwards too! You'd think by now.......?

I made this sausage from one of my finds. Two whole meters of the stuff. The sausage picture is a better representation of it's colour, which apparently is VAT?

Some large companies have their logo woven into the carpet and have soft furnishings made from a particular range of fabrics so that no matter where you are in the world, you know which company you're visiting, just by looking at the furnishings. Do the treasury also have their own livery? And if so, how did this end up in the hospice shop at £2.00 for two meters? Anywhoo, stuffed into the sausage is one of my old raggedy bath towels and a few off cuts of fleece that were too small to get used anyplace else. I've put it across the study door, there is a howling draft that blows up the stairs and right under that door. That's a drawback of living in an old house.

My other find on Friday with DD was this old Tartan duvet cover. I've already got a tote bag started for DD, but she was mumbling about handles so I'll finish it off when I pin her down and see just what she wants me to do to the handles.

I don't think I'll be doing any sewing today, I'm going for another walk, and I have a 'pinflair' project to make for Hunneys Christmas card.
1) Finding the perfect chair.
2) No ice and frost this morning.
3) Another late shift.


Ginnie said...

That park looks lovely, it's nice to go out in the cold as long as you are wrapped up warm. Good find at the charity shop!

Janet said...

It looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing time..and the scenic view is very lovely!

Anonymous said...

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