Monday, 22 December 2008

A little Finish.

Last night I managed to find the few minutes needed to finish off Gail Pans freebie. Don't look too closely at the running stitch! It's my own fault, in an effort to save fabric I copied the design too close to the edge! The hoop wouldn't stay put nicely, and with the tension gone.....
The red fabric you see behind it is what I'll use to finish this off, hopefully today. I'm supposed to go and see Maria, but I'm full of a head cold and have cancelled. Instead I'll stay at home and sneeze!

Yesterday, when I wasn't feeling quite so awful, Hunney and I went for a walk, up through Elfin Glen. The majority of the pictures we took are rather strange, I think the low cloud and being under the trees confused the camera. This one of the waterfall at the entrance to the glen did work though.

And a quick image of the Isle of Man in the fog or Manannan's Cloak.

Another local blogger explains the legend of Manx fog. Read it here.
1) No work today.
2) An easy dinner.(Veg Broth)
3) Soft cotton hankies!


Ali Honey said...

Your red work is lovely.
Long may the mist protect your Island from the world's problems. ( sometimes we are enveloped in low clouds where we live too - it gives everything a surreal appearance , very quiet. )
Sorry you have a cold...get well soon.
If you can buy them paper tissues ( hankies ) with aloe vera are so soothihing to a sore red nose - I would really recommend them.

Lurline said...

Hi Lou! You make sure you have a beautiful, restful Christmas - 2009is another wonderful year - hope it is the BEST for you!
Hugs - Lurline!

Ginnie said...

Your finish looks great, especailly all in red.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I went through the cloak today to Douglas on the bus. It was very spooky. Get rid of that cold it's Christmas.
You have some very fine work on your needlecraft.

Janice said...

Your Christmas redwork turned out great. I enjoyed reading the myth about Manannan's Cloak. Take care of yourself and get rid of that cold before Christmas.

Marit said...

Love your stitchery - Merry Christmas Lou!!! Hope you get well soon and enjoy the holidays.
; )

Torina said...

Love the redwork and the background fabric! Your hike looks like it was a beautiful place to walk.