Wednesday, 22 April 2020


There are changes afoot.
New Zealand will be lowering the alert level from 4 to 3, next Tuesday. So many stores will be able to open for telephone ordering or online shopping with contactless delivery, or contactless click and collect available in some places. So many of the sites serviced by the company I work for will be looking to us for services again. Things are getting busier at work, I actually have to go in tomorrow!!
Can we stay at level 4 for a little while longer? Please? I was enjoying that! LOL
Seriously, I am cautious but happy for things to get moving again. My shopping list is growing and seeing what everyone else has been doing has made my wish list go into an exponential growth spurt! LOL
So, on with the fun stuff while I have time.
Remember I made yet another batik mini, using left overs from an earlier project?
I sat outside in the sunshine on Tuesday and closed the binding. It was lovely and warm out there.
But a little too bright for a great photo. LOL
 Still on the subject of batiks.
Strings this time.
I think I have enough blocks now for a cute and colourful wee cot quilt.
I had a look through my wee stash hoping to find something suitable.
 I dismissed the off white right away. Too wishy washy.
Black? Wow! That pops, but for a baby?
Maybe green?
But it's not a batik.
I want a batik.....
My favorite shop will be open for mail order soon. I can have green soon.
I'll ask what she has to bind it with while I'm messaging her! 
I do have more than enough strings left, just in case I decide I want to make it a little bigger.
Last picture for today....
Ever get the feeling you are being watched?
While I was sat here window shopping the other day I peeped over the top of the laptop screen and saw someone peeping back at me. LOL
She was fast asleep in there, all curled up on a blanket, last I'd looked.
So, with yet another project on hold, awaiting the ability to shop online once more, I had to go looking for something else to do....
Yes, I've been hooking a few wee squares each evening and  finished preparing my next cross stitch, but I also need something to do in one of my sewing rooms.
I pulled out a panel and some fabrics I recently (Before lock down) purchased to go with it. I spent a while before work this morning pressing them. I was planning to cut them tomorrow, but don't want to be rushing that before work in the morning. If I get a chance I may do it this evening, failing that, it will be a job for the weekend. And my 15 minutes before work will be a crochet square.
Yes, I'm still doing my 15 mins before work. I was enjoying that before lock down, and plan to continue.
Thank you to those who offered to look for DMC threads for me. 
As I mentioned earlier in the post, things are loosening up here so I should be able to get them locally very soon. Thank you for your offer, I do appreciate your thoughtful offers. 
The end of the month is drawing close, which means that very soon we will have the new colour for RSC and I'll be receiving my I stitch email from Gail Pan. Lots to keep me busy, which is always nice.
Are there changes afoot where you are too?
What are you looking forward to?


Maria said...

I'm sure it will be great when you can shop online again..Here we've been able to actually still go shopping but I've not needed too yet..
Another nice little topper.
Yes I do like green for the baby string quilt and you could join the scraps for binding..

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

most of our on line shopping remained open but shipping times have really slowed down. I hope your level 3 works out great! I think we are moving into that in our state in two weeks but now sure - we have been home for 5 weeks almost continually.

Fiona said...

I think us crafters have relished having extra time to sew and taken advantage of it as much as possible... will be so good for the shops and services to get moving again though... love where you are going with your batik strips... I actually got my batik scrap basket out to do some!!

Susan said...

Fortunately, in Au we have been able to online order from almost everywhere - esp craft suppliers - I was even able to do a click & collect fro thread...jsut as well as I was "desperate"...LOL

The green would be a good option - even a turquoise blue which seems to be in the - but then again you might want gender neutral...a red?? anyway - uou will sort it!

Happy sewing

Lin said...

I must say I like your blocks on the grey! but suspect that the green will better for a baby. xx

Ali Honey said...

I love the bright blocks and I think any colour already appearing in a block will look good with it. Trialling ( auditioning ) background colours is always the way to make sure.

Karen S said...

Your string blocks are looking lovely.
Hope all goes well with your return to work.
We are also waiting to hear about possible changes also.

Janice said...

Both your projects are looking great. Isn’t Bella cheeky. Joey just sleeps or looks out the window.It’s good your restrictions are going to be reduced somewhat. We are just continuing on as we were, but our restrictions were nowhere near as strict as yours. The town is getting busier as people are more confident to go out and are getting to the stage that there are things they need to buy. They are going to remove the limit on the amount of loo paper you can buy in the supermarket, so that is a big improvement. .

kiwikid said...

Beautiful string blocks, love the bright colours. Good to hear your restrictions are easing, not a lot but a little is good. Loved the photo of the cat.